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Deliver to Bird on a Wire Creations. Cassie is super sweet person who taking care my art and the store😊. Store looks so lovely.
Please check them out @birdonawireart 💓

Broadwayに移転したBird on a Wire Creations Shopにデリバリー行ってきました。新しいプリントやグリーティングカードも置きに行ってきましたのでチェックしてみてください♬🎈


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love me, love you

With all this time spent at home, I drew 11 different illustrations on wood canvas, I thought about how going out and connecting with people isn’t so easy anymore, so these pieces are about acts of people caring for each other, I put that feeling into each canvas and sealed it in with a coating on top.

Please purchase from this site or contact to the shops listed below.ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ




SleeplessKao Etsy shop

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Printed Calendar

I made calendars! This Calendar is a special edition, starting from February 2021 to March 2022. You can enjoy it 2 months longer.😊

My hometown is known as a Paper producing town where its surrounded by the beautiful Mt. Fuji and tasty mountain water.
I hope you can feel relaxed and warm looking at my calendar all year around.

Please purchase from this site or contact to the shops listed below.





SleeplessKao Etsy shop

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branches & knots

Postcard Place

Ceramic dolls

in progress.

Clay gives me a good feeling. They calm me down.
Someday, these clay will return to original shape through my hands.




Ceramic work again!

28 years ago, I was ceramic artist (that people called me). I couldn’t eat as illustrator. I started draw on a white ceramic surface.
That was my start as an artist in Canada.

5 years later, I got hit by car and hard to carry heavy cray. So I thought that is chance to change back to my focus.

Now, luckily I could live as illustrator. My fan is sending me pictures of my ceramic work through messenger.

I feel so grateful and touched…someone taking care my old work and watch how I am growing.

2021, I am starting again from here.

28年前、私は陶芸家でした(皆んなは私をそう呼んでいました)。 イラストレーターとしては食べていくことはできない日々で…プラクティカルな使えるアートならカナダ人は買うよ、と友人にアドバイスをもらい、私は白いセラミックの表面に描き始めました。それがカナダでのアーティストとしての私のスタートでした。





Happy New Year!

Year 2020 was a special year for me.

I experienced so many difficult times in the past but in this time, I started to question why I was making art. My time alone felt heavier than before, but when I received warm messages one by one, I realized why I chose to pursue making art.😌

“Your art makes me happy”, “ You make me happy with your artwork which I treasure as it makes me smile!”

“Keep on making your magic art to keep us all smiling”

Honestly, I couldn’t make any art when I was sorrowful, but I met this girl and she said “Thank you for being an artist!” “Thank you for keep drawing” to me with eyes sparkling from the excitement.

Those messages moved me so much since I was going through a difficult time.

Those warm things came into my spirit and made me to paint again. The warm things were full of affectionate messages.

I truly appreciate all of you who gave me messages, bought my art, came to see me at shops,  art shows and shop staffs who are taking care of my art very well.

There is no proof of this year being better,  but I have a strong feeling that Year 2021 will bring lots of great things.

So many bad things happened all over the world last year, so I think the only thing left is to climb up from the bottom.

I have been renovating the small room in my small house in my home town, Japan to make a studio. 🏠

After Covid -19 has subtled down, I want my artist friends and all my friends who live all over the world to be in this place to talk about art.

My 2021 resolution is to not lose myself wherever I am and continue making art.🎨

Please keep cheering me up.😊

I wish lots of love and happiness will come to all of you.🎍


“your art makes me happy” “You make me happy with your artwork which I treasure as it makes me smile!”

“keep on making your magic art to keep us all smiling”


“Thank you for being artist!” “Thank you for keep drawing”













We are all set! We are sending you love and hope through the air, from the sky.👩🏼‍🦰🐈🎁❤️

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!🎄✨

two days left until Christmas!

Fashion show at home 

Are you ready for it?
Looks like she is❤️
Hope you are having wonderful holidays❤️
Looks like someone is also dressed up and ready for tomorrow!🐈🎄❤️


Sleepless Kao at MUJI

Local Artist Pop-Up:
Art Exhibition of Sleepless Kao
at MUJI Robson Street

Friday to Sunday, October 2-4, 2020


This MUJI Week, Vancouver-based illustrator @sleeplesskao will be joining us at MUJI Robson Street to exhibit her dreamy artworks to our MUJI Community from October 2nd to October 4th!

To share her passion in eccentric art, Kao created a special illustration for the MUJI Community. During the MUJI Week from September 25th to October 4th, we will offer an exclusive, limited-edition tote bag* designed by Kao, to our customers with purchase of CAD$40 or more before tax.

*Limit of one free bag per customer, while supplies last.

live streaming “here we go,”

An Exhibition of New Works by Sleepless Kao

Art show video stream @branches & knots in Kitsilano. 😅❤️
We are having fun. Please come to see art and shop.


An Exhibition of New Works by Sleepless Kao
September 25th ~ October24th, 2020
@branches & knots

Place: Branches & Knots
at 3128 W. Broadway

Covid-19 Policies: