Cherry Blossom Festival

🌸Furoshiki wrapping + Sakura felt workshop🌸

See you at THE BIG PICNIC at David Lam Park!  April 1st

Great! How to make felt sakura flowers for the upcoming Sakura Festival.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to help you create your own felt sakura flowers.

Froshiki wrapping

New Postcards

New Postcards Just arrived.

Please check at the postcard place at the Granville island snd Kinder Books, Quayside in New Westminster!

And of course available on Sleepless Kao shop site 😉


グランビルアイランドにあるThe post card placeとニューウエストミンスターにあるKinder Books、Sleepless Kaoウェブショップで販売してますのでチェックしてみてくださいね

New tote bags 2023

New tote bags Just arrived.

Only available at the postcard place now in Granville island, Vancouver!

And of course available on Sleepless Kao shop site 😉

Check out the 4 types of limited tote bags,
“weighing two big cats”
“Color of coral”
“I look the ocean from here and there”
“Your garden”



新しいトートバッグはグランビルアイランドにあるThe post card placeとSleepless Kaoのウェブショップで販売してます。

X’mas Gift idea 2022

Christmas decorations look great in cold Vancouver.

When I look in the window, every shop is decorated with Christmas colors, and I am excited.

The calendar and greeting cards are available on kao’s shop site.

Calendar 2023 (plus January 2024)

“Happy Holiday” – snow angel –

Sleepless Kao’s works are also waiting for you at The post card place on Granville Island.🎄🎁



Sleepless Kaoのアート作品もグランビルアイランドにあるThe post card placeでみなさんをお待ちしてます🎄🎁

Powell Street Festival is Back!!

Saturday, July 30 & Sunday, July 31 in Oppenheimer Park and surrounding area!

Powell Festival is back on Powell Street for the first time in three years.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all!😊

I also have a lot of newly designed tote bags, so please come visit me at the booth!






I had a fun night. A celebration of seventeen-syllable poems and musings. I participated in this event as an live drawing artist👩‍🎨


Powell Street Festival Society for an intimate evening of short poems—haiku and beyond—art, and good company featuring local poets Brandon Wint, jaye simpson and Anjalica Solomon, curated and hosted by Jillian Christmas.

Blending styles of short poetry from across cultures, Illuminations brings together readings from local poets with a special participatory activity, at one of the Vancouver literary scene’s favourite hangouts, Café Deux Soleils.⁠

Let’s Meet Under the Cherry Tree

An Exhibition of New Works by Sleepless Kao

April 7 – May 8, 2022

At Branches & Knots

Dearest Friends & Art Lovers,

The brilliant sky & sunshine everyone is waiting for has arrived.

There is a lovely sound from somewhere, sweetly powerful tones—a girl’s mandolin sensing the spirit of cherry blossoms. 

See you again this year at that hill where the sakura petals dance with light, both day and night! 🌸



どこからか愛らしい音がします きらびやかで華やかな音色



– Kao, March 2022

Place: Branches & Knots

at 3128 W. Broadway

Store Hours:  Monday – Sat 12-6   Sunday 12-5

Over 30 spring artworks including original paintings and prints.
Support Ukraine: 5% of art sales go to Ukraine Red Cross*

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

🌸 Furoshiki wrapping workshop 🌸
I had a really good time at vancouver cherry blossom festival
Many people visited my booth and show me good smile.😊
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival will have more Sakura event in Vancouver. Please check
I will be busy prepare for Art show.  See you there !
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival はこの後もあちこちで桜のお祭りを開催するのでウエブサイトをチェックしてみてください。

Furoshiki wrapping workshop

🌸 Furoshiki wrapping workshop 🌸
THE BIG PICNIC at David Lam Park! – Sleepless Kao
Apr 02, 2022 12:00 – 16:30
Happy to announce that the 2022 Festival kicks off with the return of THE BIG PICNIC in a new majestic cherry blossom park location – David Lam Park!


当日はデイビッドラムパークで様々な催しがあります。私のテントでは風呂敷のワークショップ他、Sleepless Kap限定の風呂敷やカードなども販売してます。


Happy New Year 2022

May all your wishes come true in 2022!