Faraway Closer | La petite salle d'art de Kao

Faraway Closer

Video/Animation screening at Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Introduction to Faraway Closer

 Faraway Closeris an animated video project sharing my experience of being an artist while living with my parents in Japan, feeling the nature around my hometown, reflecting on photos taken by my father who is a “semipro “photographer, and exploring some of my own paintings. My father and I use different media for our creations, but is there a theme we share? The making of this piece is like a first true communication between us after all these years of tension and faraway living

Story Narrative

 A father and daughter who resemble each otherbehave like odd twins when living together. Our love and respect for each other seems to be forgotten; we do not understand each other’s lifestyle nor the other person’s ways of thinking, so we always end up colliding/arguing. Gradually our love and hate relationship goes to the extreme as we can’t be in the same room breathing the same air

After a I go overseas to live, our relationship seems to keep its (healthy) balance, but at a distance; each of us becomes able to see the other more rationally, as two adults. Returning to live at home for an extended period brings up so much from the past that it is an intense time, and a clearer reflection of both of us, our relationship, emerges slowly. The images and narratives within Faraway Closer are a synthesis of this journey between the two of us, in search of a new language to understand each another’s creative lives and dreams