Duet at Film festival: | La petite salle d'art de Kao

Duet at Film festival:

Screening Sleepless Kao’s animated short “Duet” at San Francisco’s Asian American Film Festival and AAIFF (NY)

Sora and Sarsaparilla, is a two-girl story. These ‘flannel graphic’ characters, they are literally living on a song which is performed by the Vancouver indie group “Mimi’s Ami”, meaning that the creation of my animated video narrative was inspired by, and also illustrates, their great music

However, my two girls grew alive and independent as soon as they were made, so now they exist as themselves in this world; they are based on a quirky friendship: me and my wish for another me to be my best pal

I want to share with someone who remembers playing as a child, how easy it was to keep yourself company and be one’s own best friend if there wasn’t anyone else around. As an adult, this is a valuable memory to me about taking care of myself when maybe I feel afraid of being alone. I don’t want to lose this important soul in my life!