Ura Monchan | La petite salle d'art de Kao

Ura Monchan

The exhibition, Sleepless Kao: Ura Monchan, which runs March 4 – 27, is held just ahead of the release of Kao’s first children’s book, Monchan’s Bag, published by Simply Read Books. Both Ura Monchan and Monchan’s Bag feature the character Monchan, created by Kao ten years ago as a kind of avatar. Monchan reflects the artist’s struggles of acceptance and sense of self as a landed immigrant in Canada. On the surface, Monchan is the epitome of calmness, but on the inside, Monchan faces emotional turmoil, just like the artist. As part of the residency, Kasai will also curate FLIM night on Friday, March 26, where Kao’s selection of films and new works produced during her residency at Blim will be presented

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