Pounding: | La petite salle d'art de Kao


At SOMARTS, San Francisco, CA


Pounding is a series of figures captured in tubes. Signifying isolated human emotions, without gender, these figures look alike yet emit a sense of distinct melancholy. The figures do not touch each other. They know of each other but somehow lacks the tools to communicate with each other, simply because in each tube, each figure has one’s own barriers. Each figure has its own personality, as denoted by the written note in the tube. Yet all figures have the  same need, to be understood and to be found. All figures have the same fear – being afraid to show true emotions

This series was created as a result of a conversation with a friend. During the conversation, I felt a sense of loneliness within my friend. We were talking but there was an immense feeling of loneliness within him, as well as within myself. But we were talking to each other, at least, we were trying to communicate with each other. I began to make a figure, a dummy of myself. Then I thought Javid needs a friend. So I made a second figure. And suddenly, I felt that lots of people need some dummy, like us. I made 29 figures. I feel that I am okay right now. I also painted on canvas my Pounding feelings. I feel this work is continuous. Whenever I get the Pounding feeling, I will start again


these are figures in 4×1 1/2 tubes.

each figure has message but they don’t know how to express themselves

old old days, people are more sensitive and had some kind of instinct tells you about each other

“i try to contact with you but i don’t know how to take out this barrier in my mind”