HAKARI BAKARI | La petite salle d'art de Kao


New Paintings by Sleepless Kao
At National Product, May 7 – June 6, 2003

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 9, 8pm – 10pm

From May 7 through June 6, 2003, National Product (1845 Market Street) will present paintings and artwork of Kaori Kasai, an illustrator and painter. HAKARI BAKARI features 15 paintings showing a Japanese pop character named Hakari-chan. Hakari is defined as a Japanese word for “scale and balance” and Bakari as a word for “only.” The suffix “chan” is an endearing term to address someone who is dear to one’s heart. Kaori Kasai described HAKARI BAKARI as “scales in this present world.” Concerned by environmental issues and war conflicts in the world, Kaori uses Hakari-chanas a voice to question human values

National Product: Located on 1845 Market Street near Guerrero, National Product is a unique store for local art and unusual gifts