“Feelings from Frankfurt” | La petite salle d'art de Kao

“Feelings from Frankfurt”

One day i was roasting some earthy veggies in the oven. I was super sad and tearful and had no idea how to feel less alone. Just then, i received a painting order from a person out of the blue, in another part of the world, who remembered an artwork from a trip to Vancouver over a year earlier. I suddenly felt seen and in the world!

The following is part of the e-mail from Frankfurt, Germany during Covid. Steffen’s kind words of connection in that moment helped me to carry on that day despite dark and isolating thoughts we all have experienced during the pandemic:

Hello Kao,
Yes. These times are uncertain for me too.

I work in the hotel and tourism sector…and am slowly getting tired of going into a new lockdown again and again.
…I feel for you and I’ve a good friend who is also very involved with art and I think it’s great that many people don’t lose their courage and energy despite the current situation.
Please don’t lose your energy, your pictures are so beautiful, they show hope and offer a lot of space for imagination and approaches.
You have a great talent!
Like the painting which I think is so great…friends said the picture has a certain sadness in it, but I think it radiates much more wonderful warmness, togetherness and satisfaction.
And that you can do everything together and that the beauty of nature is always there, whether in the dark with moonlight or while dreaming, when you look into the distance and only see a few clouds on the horizon and you think the storm is over now and tomorrow the sun will shine.
I’m confident that there will be better times ahead of you soon! 🙂

Warm greetings