Cute to kill | La petite salle d'art de Kao

Cute to kill

Screening Sleepless Kao’s short animation at VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver, BC

Friday October 28 | 8 – 11 PM | $12/10 | @ VIVO (Main St. × 4th Ave.)

“Cutie no Yume” (cutie’s dream)   5min.18sec.

Everyone called her “Cutie”

She was sometimes stressed about being “Cutie”. She daydreamed to calm down at the end of the day

This describes Japanese girls very well. They often look very cute, polite, and harmless, but inside their bodies, they have as many passionate and evil thoughts as any norman person

The Concept of Kawaii:

Some people call my art kawaii; Japanese for ‘cute’.  I would have to agree, and I think cute things can be for all ages

Kawaii is a big subject. It is as meaningful as any contemporary concept. It is an outside shell, yet when done with precision and purity, contains Pure Love

Little creatures pop out of Kao’s brain around midnight. Recently, they demanded Kao to give them more room, so she put them up onto large canvases. Other creatures would not stop moving, so she made a short animation with them. Come to VIVO to see Kao’s work